Benefits Of Yogurt

Ayesha toor

Yogurt is one of the most popular food around the world which is consumed by vast majority as a healthy side dish in breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Most of the people eat it in raw form, whereas few eat it with spices. And some use it to flavour fruits.

Yogurt is used in sweet or sour smoothies which is considered very popular and healthy drink. Now a days frozen yogurt is getting popular as a healthy dessert and alternate of icecream.

If you want to stay healthy and also want to shed some of your weight without going to gym and on the other hand you also dont want to leave your favourite yummy foods then yogurt is your best friend in your quest to stay healthy and fit.

Yogurt is full of Vitamins, Protein, Calcium, Potassium, Phosphorus and Zinc. But very few people know these health benefits of yogurt. Yogurt should be essential part of our diet.

Yogurt keeps blood pressure in control as 8 ounces of yogurt have almost 600mg Potassium which keeps us away from so many diseases like blood pressure.

Another benefit of eating yogurt is, it keeps your bones strong as it has Vitamins and Calcium. If you feel stiffness in your bones, most doctors advised you to add yogurt in your daily diet.

Yogurt has another very beneficial element which is presence of “Probiotics”. These are very helpful for your stomach health. Yogurt helps increase your metabolism and keeps you energized.

Most of the nutrionists suggest to use yogurt if you are on antibiotic treatment as it compensates the loss of friendly bacteria

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